Ashley Hinshaw and Thomas Mann to topline 3D thriller Accident

If you just can't get enough of three dimensional thrills at the theater then you're in luck as we have another killer 3D flick coming our way, and this one sounds like it might be one hell of a thrill ride!

Brian O’Shea’s Los Angeles-based sales and financing company The Exchange is heading to AFM to kick off sales on the thriller ACCIDENT 3D, the debut feature from commercials and video helmer Dan Tondowski, according to Deadline.

PROJECT X star Thomas Mann (pictured right) and CHRONICLE hottie Ashley Hinshaw (below) are set to topline the thriller that is being produced by Ryan Haidarian (the Paul Walker-starring VEHICLE 19) and Guillaume Benski.

With the demand for high concept 3D films at a seemingly all-time high, we can only hope that ACCIDENT 3D delivers where many other films have fallen short. I like a tension-filled 3D flick as much as the next cat (as long as it isn't that shitty post-converted 3D), so hopefully this one will be worth peeping. Plus, come on...Ashley Hinshaw in 3D! Mmmm.

ACCIDENT 3D has the following synopsis:

“Based on a true story, the movie follows four teenagers on a joy ride gone wrong. Stuck at the bottom of a ravine after a violent crash, they find themselves in the crosshairs of the car’s psychotic owner who will stop at nothing to retrieve it, and its valuable contents.”

We'll keep ya posted on news regarding ACCIDENT 3D (not really digging that generic title) as we hear it.

Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of 3D films or do you think it's a quickly fading fad?
Source: Deadline



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