Australian hottie Rachael Taylor takes residence in"666 Park Avenue" for ABC

Suddenly, living in "666 Park Avenue" doesn't sound so bad...

Joining Terry O'Quinn and Dave Annable in ABC's new haunted house series, "666 Park Avenue", is Australian hottie Rachael Taylor (below). Taylor and Annable will play the show's central couple, who become increasingly tormented by their new environs in the big apple.

More specifically, based on the book-series by Gabriella Pierce:

"666 Park Avenue" centers on an innocent couple from the mid-west that moves to New York and gets hired to be resident managers of a building on the Upper East Side. There, unbeknownst to the couple, the residents have all unwittingly made deals with the Devil to have their deepest needs, ambitions and desires fulfilled.

Sounds fun, even if blatantly derivative. And for Taylor, she's accruing quite the genre resume. Since appearing in TRANSFORMERS, she's appeared in SHUTTER, GHOST MACHINE, THE DARKEST HOUR and has LOFT due later this year. Definitely our kind of gal!

More on "666" when it turns up...

Rachael gets two pics!

Extra Tidbit: Rachael ranked #65 in the 2011 Ask Men list of the top 99 "most desirable women".
Source: TV Line



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