Bad Robot reveals they are developing two horror projects

Overlord Julius Avery Wyatt Russell

Bad Robot Productions, the production company headed up by J.J. Abrams, has the World War II horror film OVERLORD (pictured above) in theatres now, and a glimpse at the company's slate of projects in development has revealed that they currently have two more horror films in the works.

One of Bad Robot's horror projects is called THE STEPS and is going to be written by Blair Butler from an idea by 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE editor Stefan Grube, who is also attached to direct the film. As you would expect with the secretive Bad Robot, plot details are being kept under wraps, so all we know about this one is that it's

a twist on a possession story.

Before Grube gets to that one he will be making his feature directorial debut with the Bad Robot sci-fi romance ONLY THE LONELY.

The company's other horror project doesn't even have a title, it's just being referred to as "UNTITLED MEGAN AMRAM", since it's being written by Megan Amram. Amram has worked on shows like The Good Place, Silicon Valley, Parks and Recreation, and The Simpsons. This one is even more mysterious than THE STEPS, described as 

a female-driven horror allegory.

Other projects in the works at Bad Robot include an untitled time travel story, a film called EVERYTHING MUST GO and described as "CLERKS for a new generation", and - the most interesting to me, beyond the horror - a film from writer/director Courtney Hoffman called THE SEVEN SISTERS OF SCOTT COUNTY, which is about "moonshine, trucking, and sisterhood". 

Bad Robot also recently acquired "a high school-set thriller" pitch from writer Ed Hemming.

We'll keep you updated as these projects continue to move through development and into production. 

Source: Deadline



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