Berberian Sound Studio to scream onto VOD in June

We've been anxiously awaiting word as to when we'd be able to check out BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO, Peter Strickland's psychological horror film that premiered at last years Toronto International Film Festival. Last August we shared the news that the film had been picked up for distribution by IFC Midnight and today we have the word as to when you can finally check this badboy out.

IFC Films will be releasing BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO on June 14 on various VOD platforms. No word yet as to when it will be made available on DVD and Blu-Ray, but for now just knowing it will be available on VOD is enough to get us stoked.

Berberian Sound Studio is one of the cheapest, sleaziest post-production studios in Italy. Only the most sordid horror films have their sound processed and sharpened in this studio. Gilderoy (Toby Jones), a shy and nondescript sound engineer from the UK is hired to mix the latest giallo film by horror maestro, Santini (Antonio Mancino) and he soon finds himself caught up in a forbidding world of bitter actors, capricious foley artists and confounding bureaucracy. The longer Gilderoy spends mixing screams and the bloodcurdling sounds of hacked vegetables, the more homesick he becomes for his garden shed studio in Dorking. His mother’s letters alternate between banal gossip and an ominous hysteria, which gradually mirrors the black magic of Santini’s film that Gilderoy is responsible for orchestrating. As both time and realities shift, Gilderoy finds himself lost in an otherworldly spiral of sonic and personal mayhem.

Toby Jones, Cosimo Fusco, Antonio Mancino, Fatma Mohamed, Tonia Sotiropolou, and Salvatore Li Causi all star. Check out the trailer for BERBARIAN SOUND STUDIO below.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be checking out BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO on VOD?



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