Bill Condon in talks to direct the Bride of Frankenstein reboot

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Producer Chris Morgan, who is overseeing the creation of the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe with Alex Kurtzman, has said he doesn't know which Universal Monsters reboot the studio will greenlight to be the second entry in the series, following the June 9th release of THE MUMMY. There are plenty of options to choose from - THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, THE WOLF MAN, VAN HELSING, etc. - but there are two projects that seem more likely to move forward soon due to the fact that they both have actors attached. Johnny Depp is signed on to play THE INVISIBLE MAN, and Javier Bardem is signed to play either Frankenstein's Monster or Dr. Frankenstein (the casting announcement wasn't clear) for the studio, which is developing a new take on BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN.

Universal has Bardem, they have a BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN script written by David Koepp (I COME IN PEACE, JURASSIC PARK, STIR OF ECHOES, PANIC ROOM, SECRET WINDOW), and soon they may have a director. Bill Condon, who is currently enjoying massive global box office success with his live action adaptation of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (it has made over $1 billion), is in talks to take the helm of BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. If the deal closes with Condon, the Frankenstein project would be the obvious choice for Universal to put into production after THE MUMMY.

There are several Oscar nominations and wins connected to the films on Condon's résumé; Laura Linney received an acting nomination for her performance in his film KINSEY, Jennifer Hudson won for her role in his film DREAMGIRLS, Condon was nominated for writing CHICAGO. Condon also won an Academy Award for writing the film (which he also directed) that makes me very comfortable with the possibility that he could be directing a remake of one of the horror genre's greatest classics - 1998's GODS AND MONSTERS, a fictionalized account of the last days in the life of FRANKENSTEIN / BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN director James Whale. There is a lot of BRIDE to that movie, including Whale (played by Ian McKellen) having flashbacks to the making of it.

Some may use the fact that Condon directed two entries in the TWILIGHT franchise (BREAKING DAWN parts 1 and 2) to dismiss him, but GODS AND MONSTERS indicates that he has a strong familiarity with BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN and a respect for it, which makes him a fine choice to helm the new version.


Universal had previously been pursuing Angelina Jolie to direct BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN and star as the Bride.

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