Blair Witch Project director to conjure Griffin's Ghost

THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT co-director Eduardo Sánchez will be dealing with the supernatural once again with his latest film, GRIFFIN'S GHOST, which he hopes to have in production this fall.

Sánchez will be working from a script by the late, Pulitzer Prize-nominated playwright Jack Zeman, who passed away nearly ten years ago. Sánchez's frequent collaborator Jamie Nash, who has written all of Sánchez's films except BLAIR WITCH, has also contributed to the screenplay.

GRIFFIN'S GHOST will tell the story of 

Griffin Kidder and her husband John, who buy a dilapidated house in the suburbs to renovate, only to discover the home already has residents of the apparition variety. After relentless torment, Griffin finally confronts the ghost. Only when their unusual connection deepens does she realize the true threat isn’t inside the house.

Currently being presented to potential buyers at Cannes by Angel Grace Worldwide, GRIFFIN'S GHOST is being produced by Adam Scherr of Nous Entertainment. 10% of Nous Entertainment's proceeds from the project will go toward the Zeed Film Fund, which supports the work of emerging filmmakers and screenwriters.

Luke Taylor of Buffalo 8 and BondIt Media Capital will serve as executive producer.

The Bigfoot film EXISTS was directed by Sánchez and written by Nash

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Source: Variety



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