Blue Velvet 4k Criterion Collection coming with 51 minutes of lost footage

I don't know about you but one of the top movies I always get into debates with people over "Is it or is it not a horror movie?" is David Lynch's masterpiece BLUE VELVET starring Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Laura Dern, and Dennis "don't you look at me" Hopper. I think the movie is horror as much as something like Lynch's MULHOLLAND DRIVE and/or TWIN PEAKS. It's that vibe, and the violence, and the nightmare atmosphere.

And speaking of BLUE VELVET, today we've learned that this May this movie officially joins the ranks of The Criterion Collection with a killer new 4K Blu-ray transfer.  As you might imagine, this new edition will be stocked with special features including a 70-minute behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of the film, and a feature-length meditation on the film by Peter Braatz. On top of all that, this new edition will also feature a 51-minute compilation of deleted scenes and alternate takes assembled by Lynch himself dubbed “The Lost Footage.”

Lynch teased the footage back in 2011 saying at the time:

You know, there is a thing called b-negative, or outtakes, or lifts, that don’t make it into the film. And in the old days, those things sat around and maybe became dangerously close to being tossed away. So, one day I looked into seeing where the [‘Blue Velvet’] lifts were because some of these scenes on their own would be beautiful to see again…Lately, those have been found. Somewhere up in Seattle. It’s incredible. I’m seeing stuff I thought was gone forever.

NOTE: The lost footage was previously included on the film’s 25th anniversary Blu-ray release. 

The film features Kyle MacLachlan as 

College student Jeffrey Beaumont who returns home after his father has a stroke. When he discovers a severed ear in an abandoned field, Beaumont teams up with detective's daughter Sandy Williams (Laura Dern) to solve the mystery. They believe beautiful lounge singer Dorothy Vallens (Isabella Rossellini) may be connected with the case, and Beaumont finds himself becoming drawn into her dark, twisted world, where he encounters sexually depraved psychopath Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper).

BLUE VELVET was written and directed by David Lynch and starred Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Dennis Hopper, Laura Dern, Hope Lange, George Dickerson, and Dean Stockwell. Fred Caruso produced and Angelo Badalamenti composed the film's haunting score. What do you think of David Lynch's BLUE VELVET? Is it a "horror" movie or not? Let us know what you think below! The new edition hits on May 28, 2019. The new edition isn't currently available for pre-order, but when it is, you should be able to snag it HERE. Bookmark the page. We'll let you know when it goes up. 

Source: IndieWire



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