Brooke Butler and Todd Lowe join The Remains

Some casting news has been announced for THE REMAINS, a haunted house tale to be directed by Thomas Della Bella, who also penned the script. Rising star Brooke Butler (pictured) recently kicked ass in the ridiculously fun ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE, in which she played a cheerleader dishing out revenge on the high school football team. It's nice to see her dipping her toes back into the horror genre with THE REMAINS as she brought a ton of charm and charisma to her role in ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE. With production set to begin this Fall, expect to see more of THE REMAINS in the coming months.

The synopsis:

The film follows Lowe, a recently widowed father, who moves his family into an old Victorian home to start a new life but soon discovers a malevolent spirit awaiting their arrival with the intent of possessing his children.

Also joining THE REMAINS is Todd Lowe (True Blood) and Ashley Crow (Heroes). More on this one as we get it!

Extra Tidbit: What did you think of ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE?



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