Caroline Williams and Debbie Rochon star in giallo Fantasma

Fantasma Brett Mullen Matt Cloude

Legendary scream queens Caroline Williams and Debbie Rochon are among the stars of the giallo homage FANTASMA, which pays tribute to such Dario Argento films as DEEP RED and SUSPIRIA while also featuring Lucio Fulci style gore.

FANTASMA was written and directed by Brett Mullen and Matt Cloude, with Mullen taking over full directing duties midway when Cloude left the project to finish his zombie movie NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: GENESIS. The story Mullen and Cloude crafted has the following synopsis -

When a beautiful ballerina dancer, Adriana Mena, lands the lead role in the upcoming Nutcracker performance, she’s forced to face her demons as jealousy and tension begin to provoke the supernatural. 

Adriana is played by Kendra Carelli. The cast also includes Brett Wagner, Rob Springer, and Shane Terry.

Post-production on FANTASMA is expected to be completed in January, but a trailer has already been released online and can be seen below. This trailer makes one thing very certain: the filmmakers definitely captured some beautiful imagery.

Fantasma Brett Mullen Matt Cloude Debbie Rochon Kendra Carelli

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