Check out a trailer & some stills from The Bandito Brothers' sci-fi romp The Prototype

Earlier this year the production company simply known as The Bandito Brothers exploded onto the scene with the impressive looking military flick ACT OF VALOR. Now it seems the prod. company are trying their hand at sci-fi with Andrew Will's THE PROTOTYPE. You're going to want to hear about this one...

You see the new sci-fi romp doesn't really jump out at you. I mean, check out the rundown:

The pic centers on a rogue humanoid-robot being hunted by the government.

Pretty simple, right? But when you tap the trailer for this thing along with these stills/screen caps... well let's just say you should be impressed. I won't beat around the bush any longer, peep the goods by scrolling above and below with the trailer also up in our videos section.

THE PROTOTYPE, which is looking at a release date sometime in 2013, was penned by it's director Andrew Will and stars Neal McDonough, Joseph Mawle and Anna Anissimova (below). I'm sure you guys are familiar with McDonough... he's the dude that you hate immediately no matter what film he's in. He's that good at being the bad guy.

For a flick made for only $40 million this thing looks pretty solid, right? We'll of course keep our eyes and ears open for any other updates regarding THE PROTOTYPE that roll our way but in the meantime be sure to spit some bullets below and let us know what you think of this one!

THE PROTOTYPE (2013) - Trailer

Extra Tidbit: The Bandito Brothers will next be tackling the Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle UNKNOWN SOLDIER and a NEED FOR SPEED film.
Source: Deadline



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