Check out some goods from this animated Lovecraftian project Ages of Madness

Chances are if you're a genre fan you can dig the work of H.P. Lovecraft. If that's the case then you'll definitely want to stick around to hear about this new project!

Described as an animated Lovecraftian adventure, this new project I'm getting at is called AGES OF MADNESS and is coming our way courtesy of Lince Studios, Magic Gate Studios and director Helio Mira. I'm not even going to bother beating around the bush with this one. Check out the rundown:

The Cthulhu Mythos is a shared fictional universe created in the 1920s by American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. Mythos stories tend to refer to the "Great Old Ones," a fearsome assortment of ancient, powerful deities who came from outer space and once ruled the Earth. They are presently quiescent, having fallen into a death-like sleep at some time in the distant past. The best-known of these beings is Cthulhu, who currently lies "dead [but] dreaming" in the submerged city of R’lyeh somewhere in the southeast Pacific Ocean. One day, "when the stars are right", the stones of R'lyeh will rise from beneath the sea, and Cthulhu will awaken and wreak havoc on the earth...

There is a book that invokes gods older than this world, a book that can doom mankind: the Necronomicon. It changes hands through the years thanks to Nyarlatothep, causing madness and death; a young monk in the Middle Ages, an innocent girl in the Second World War, naive teenagers in the Roaring Twenties and an American misfit in today’s Tokyo. The book alters behaviours and unleashes horror. When the Elder Ones return, the existence of mankind is in danger...

Sounds interesting to say the least, right? Well that's not all we've got for you today regarding AGES OF MADNESS! We've also got a one-sheet for this thing as well as a trailer! Yeah, you guys are spoiled. I've tossed the goods up down below but you can also tap that shite over at JoBlo's Pimpin' Poster Palace and over in our videos section respectively.

So what do you guys think? AGES OF MADNESS look like something you'd be interested in? Be sure to spit some bullets below and let us know! According to the project's Facebook page it won't be released until December 2014... So we've got a long ways to go for this one!


Extra Tidbit: What is your all-time favorite Lovecraftian tale?



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