Cillian Murphy reunites with Wally Pfister for Transcendence

A few days after casting Morgan Freeman, Wally Pfister has brought another familiar face into the cast of his directorial debut, TRANSCENDENCE. Cillian Murphy has joined the already-spectacular cast of the sci-fi headtrip.

Murphy played Jonathan Crane in Chris Nolan's three Batman films and co-starred in INCEPTION, all of which were shot by Pfister. Obviously, the new director is taking comfort in some familiar faces much in the way Nolan does. Probably doesn't hurt that Nolan is an executive producer on this project.

The TRANSCENDENCE cast so far includes Murphy, Freeman, Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hall and Kate Mara. I wonder if Michael Caine or Marion Cotillard can be far behind...

TRANSCENDENCE's plot has been kept secret thus far, but rumor has it it revolves around a murdered scientist (Depp) whose brain is uploaded into a computer. The film comes out on April 25, 2014, so we've got plenty of time to speculate on its story secrets. In the meantime, let that ensemble keep growing!

Kate Mara

Source: Latino Review



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