Cool Horror Gear: NECA's video game Leatherface and retro Freddy

The Big Bad Toy Store has posted its listings for NECA's latest take on a couple of horror icons, figures which are expected to reach stores in October.

First up is a version of Leatherface that it's only fair the company would make, as in recent years NECA released figures of Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger that were designed to look like the characters did in their infamous 1980s Nintendo video games - Jason in a stylish purple outfit and blue hockey mask, Freddy in orange pants and sweater. Although not as many have played it, Leatherface had a video game in the '80s, too. A TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE game was released for the Atari system in 1983, and now NECA has made a 7" inch tall articulated figure that reflects the chainsaw-toting cannibal's green-bodied appearance in that side-scroller.

Adding to the coolness of the release is the window box it comes in, which recreates the look of the Atari game cartridge box.

Video game Leatherface has a price of $21.99.

NECA's new DREAM WARRIORS Freddy Krueger figure stands 8" tall and sports a removeable hat, as well as a retro-style cloth sweater "similar to the iconic toy lines of the 1970s". This sweater can be lifted up so you can take a look at Freddy's chest, which is adorned with the tortured faces of victims whose souls he has absorbed.

Retro Freddy's price is $27.99.

I don't collect action figures, because if I started to I'd surely get obsessive compulsive about buying every single version in existence of a favorite character, but I enjoy seeing the slashers of my youth continuing to endure in toy form, and these new figures look pretty awesome.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be buying these figures?
Source: BigBadToyStore



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