Cool Horror Videos: Dead Rising 4 trailer heralds the return of Frank

I've never played a Dead Rising game, so I won't pretend to know much about the video game series, but I am aware that the first game featured a protagonist named Frank West, and since Frank sat out the second and third games I have to assume that his return in Dead Rising 4 is a big deal for fans.

What I know for sure is that the trailer for Dead Rising 4 is awesome, featuring Frank laying waste to hordes of zombies in some very amusing and creative ways, the images of carnage accompanied by a tune that will put you in the Christmas spirit even in June.

The game is set during the Christmas season, catching up with Frank sixteen years after the events of the first game. Dead Rising was set within the confines of a shopping mall, and much of Dead Rising 4 will also find Frank battling zombies in a mall.

As the footage in the trailer shows, players will be able to dispatch those zombies in some very fun ways. And you don't have to play Dead Rising 4 by yourself, as there is also a co-op mode for up to four players.

Developed by Capcom Vancouver, Dead Rising 4 is set for an unspecified "Holiday 2016" release. 

Extra Tidbit: Do you play the Dead Rising games?
Source: IGN



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