Cool Horror Videos: Dustin Mills' Don't Answer the Door

One of my favorite indie horror directors is Dustin Mills, an incredibly prolific filmmaker who is able to accomplish some awesome things on miniscule budgets. Not afraid of switching things up, he has made creature features, movies with puppet casts, giallo homage, and uniquely artistic projects. He can make family friendly fun, and he can deliver extreme brutality.

If you like low budget horror but haven't seen anything by Mills yet, I would highly recommend seeking out some of his many movies. 

The latest from Mills is a short film that he has released online, DON'T ANSWER THE DOOR. A supernatural horror story told in less than 10 minutes, it centers on a pair of young girls who are hired to housesit an old mansion. They have been given the titular warning... but do you think they take heed?

DON'T ANSWER THE DOOR is a fun, well made short (I especially like the cinematography), and a great way to welcome the weekend.

Extra Tidbit: What did you think of DON'T ANSWER THE DOOR?
Source: Dustin Mills



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