Cool Horror Videos: Milla Jovovich in music video WithorWithout

WithorWithout Benjamin Howdeshell

Earlier this week, we let you know that Milla Jovovich was promoting her appearance in the video for disco pop group Parcels' new single "WithorWithout". That video has since been released online, and can be seen below.

Beyond the presence of Jovovich, this video is worth checking out because it happens to be a horror short that serves as the band's 

celebration of the American SLASHER film, a genre which is fascinating in its traditionalism and strict maintenance of its classic tropes with each new rendition. The masks, THE KITCHEN knife, the home invasion and of course the final girl - which in our case got to be Milla, the iconic queen of horror herself."

Co-starring Carsten Norgaard, WithorWithout was directed by Benjamin Howdeshell and executive produced by Jovovich.

Jovovich met the members of Parcels at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year and bonded with them over a shared love for horror. They pitched the idea for the WithorWithout video to her, and she brought it to Howdeshell. Here's what he had to say about the short: 

When Milla called me to describe what she and Parcels had in mind for a horror music video/short film hybrid, I was immediately all in. We envisioned and experimented until we felt like we'd hit all the right notes for integrating this incredible song into a visually beautiful, yet horrific story."

Howdeshell has now moved on to another genre project, as 20th Century Fox has hired him to direct a short film set in the universe of the ALIEN franchise. While we wait to see what happens with that, give WithorWithout a look right here:

Source: Broadway World



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