Cool Horror Videos: Titano!, starring the late Irwin Keyes

Back in February, Cool Horror Videos featured the short film FISH FRIEND, about a little girl and her pet fish, which just happened to be a killer piranha. If you enjoyed FISH FRIEND, you'll be glad to know that much of the same team have come back together for another short, TITANO!

Written and directed by Ben Chavda and starring Irwin Keyes, who unfortunately passed away last month, TITANO! tells a very touching story that has the following synopsis:

Karloff.  Lugosi.  Chaney.  Names that will never be forgotten.  But in the halls of the old horror films, for all the names we remember, there are dozens that we do not.  This is the story of one of those forgotten names-- and the night of his greatest performance.  Featuring the late Irwin Keyes (Intolerable Cruelty, House of 1000 Corpses) in the title role, TITANO! is a love letter to the old movie monsters-- and the amazing actors who played them.

The short is made all the more emotionally effective by the fact that it's now a tribute to Keyes himself as well. It's a wonderful way to see him off. Check it out:

Extra Tidbit: Who is your favorite classic horror star?
Source: YouTube



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