Creepy little boy just stares at you in newest still from Paranormal Activity 4

With PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 just a couple months away from release Paramount have been trying hard to get people pumped for this thing. Lately we've seen a load of teaser trailers for the film but that's pretty much it. Give us more goods man!

The latest treat we have for you today from the film isn't a trailer, but instead is a new still from the flick. In said still we're treated to some creepy little kid glaring out at you. One can only imagine what this little dude is up to... Check that shite out for yourself directly below.

Details for Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman's PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 are still hard to come by but I'm sure we're in for more of the same spooky action the franchise is known for. We'll find out for sure when this shite hits theaters on October 19th with a cast that includes Katie Featherston (below), Brady Allen and Matt Shively.

Extra Tidbit: Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman's first film was the shocking documentary CATFISH.
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