Creepy trailer & stills from Tedi Sarafian's Altergeist delivers the scares

Something scary is lurking in the cellars of King’s Ransom Winery and with this creepy look at Tedi Sarafian's supernatural horror tale ALTERGEIST you can experience the terror for yourself.

Sarafian, whose previous writing credits include TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES and TANK GIRL, takes the helm on ALTERGEIST, which stars Kristina Anapau, Mark Hapka, Linsey Godfrey, Alexis Cruz, Sarah Oh, Brendan Fletcher from FREDDY VS. JASON, RAMPAGE and the GINGER SNAPS sequels, David Weidoff, Jessica Spotts, and Olivia Stuck.

Below you will find the first trailer and some stills from this creepy-looking flick that is, thankfully, not found footage. ALTERGEIST is currently seeking distribution so we'll keep you posted when this one finds a home.

“With a long history of bizarre deaths and strange phenomena, King’s Ransom Winery is widely considered one of the most haunted places in North America. Led by Theresa Augland, a group of six paranormal investigators conducting a search for evidence of the other side begin to witness strange happenings. As long-buried memories and deep-seated fears bubble to the surface, they are terrified to learn that even the winery’s ghosts fear the truly sinister presence that has haunted the family estate for generations…”

Extra Tidbit: Did the trailer for ALTERGEIST do it for ya? I definitely wanna see more!



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