Damnation Street trilogy optioned for film

Deadline is reporting the author Andrew Klavan's mystery trilogy that includes "Dynamite Road", "Shotgun Alley" and 'Damnation Street" has been optioned for film by Fox Hill. The series will be adapted into a single film entitled DAMNATION STREET with the screenplay provided by Klavan himself.

DAMNATION STREET is a thriller about a private detective and a sadistic serial killer known as the "Shadowman" in pursuit of the same mysterious woman, a prostitute "with the face of an angel" who had spent one night with the "Shadowman" and has been on the run from him ever since.

Klavan is no stranger to having his works adapted to film as his TRUE CRIME was filmed by Clint Eastwood back in 1999, followed by the Michael Douglass-starring DON'T SAY A WORD in 2001. DAMNATION STREET is seemingly a darker tale than those films, featuring a villian that, if handled correctly, could make this film a worthwhile entry into the mystery-thriller genre.

Checking out the reviews for the book over on Amazon it seems that the material could have the potential to kick some serious ass as it has everything fans of these types of films dig: hard-nosed heroes, hot women, lots of violence and horror, a remorseless killer and some cool plot twists. Color me intrigued.

We're sure to hear some casting news on this film in the near future so keep checking in with us.

Extra Tidbit: Have you read any of the DAMNATION STREET novels? Do you think they'll make for a decent film?
Source: Deadline



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