Darren Lynn Bousman to direct Q and Hemsworth in Death of Me

Maggie Q Allegiant

Director Darren Lynn Bousman (best known for SAW II, III, and IV) has made around a dozen feature films, and has yet to make a movie that didn't have some kind of horror element to it. That streak continues with his latest project, a horror-thriller titled DEATH OF ME.

Starring Maggie Q (pictured above in ALLEGIANT) and Luke Hemsworth, DEATH OF ME is about 

a couple on an exotic holiday who discover they have participated in a husband’s ritual murder of his wife.

The screenplay was written by Ari Margolis, James Morley III, and David Tish. Tish is also producing the film with Lee Nelson and Charles Dorfman. David Buelow, David Gilbery, Michael Klein, Christopher D'Elia, Tannaz Anisi, and Greg Schenz serve as executive producers. Media Finance Capital, Samuel Marshall Productions, and Envision Media Arts are providing the financing, with 13 Films handling the international rights.

DEATH OF ME begins filming in Thailand this week, and Bousman had this to say about the "mind-bending" genre film: 

I have been so lucky in my career to work in such amazing and unique places. Shooting this film in Thailand and getting to work with such talented actors and crew is a dream come true. I am excited for people to see this incredibly macabre and suspenseful tale we have been working very hard on."

The synopsis doesn't provide much information on the story, but Bousman and his cast are enough to get me interested in seeing this movie.

We'll keep you updated on DEATH OF ME as it moves through production and toward release.

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