David Fincher reports he's still "figuring out" The Girl Who Played With Fire

If David Fincher’s name is attached to a property, I’m there without hesitation. Though the man’s films have experienced varying degrees of success with audiences, they’re always unique, bold, and more than a little disturbing. His THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO remake was no different. Unfortunately, the film underperformed at the box office (especially for an Award season darling), making the possibility for a sequel to the film decidedly hazy at best.

Now Fincher himself has reported he is still actively working on it, stating in an interview he’s “trying to figure out a sequel to Dragon Tattoo” concurrently with his work on the upcoming Netflix series HOUSE OF CARDS.

This wouldn’t be noteworthy news if it wasn’t for the fact it came from the man himself. Fincher is notorious for spreading himself relatively thin with developing projects. His 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA remake is slated to be his next film after falling out with CLEOPATRA. After months of mixed reports about the sequel's future as well as a recently announced production delays, news of Fincher's continued development bodes well for his return to the franchise.

Also, this gives me a good excuse to put Karen O’s “Immigrant Song” cover on in the background. I suggest you do the same with the video below.

Extra Tidbit: Rooney Mara really did a 360 from the ELM STREET remake into DRAGON TATTOO.
Source: Art of Titles



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