David Fincher will direct World War Z sequel

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It has been a rumor for more than half a year, but today it looks as if it is now a reality: Variety is reporting that David Fincher will direct WORLD WAR Z 2, which would reunite him with old pal Brad Pitt. Fincher's name had first popped up last August, when it started to become clear Pitt was actively wooing the director to jump aboard the sequel.

This will be the fourth movie Pitt and Fincher have collaborated on, following SE7EN, FIGHT CLUB and THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON. Fincher has directed only one sequel: ALIEN 3.

Paramount Pictures has not officially given the greenlight to the WORLD WAR Z sequel yet (in fact, earlier this year they took it off their release schedule), but it's clearly a project all involved want to get going. The first film made over $540 million worldwide, and that was a pretty big shock considering how notoriously troubled the production was. With Fincher apparently on board now, it would seem as though a greenlight is imminent.

Steven Knight (EASTERN PROMISES) and Dennis Kelly (Utopia) have both taken a crack at the screenplay; one would assume another writer is waiting in the wings now that Fincher is in the house.

Extra Tidbit: Before heading to JURASSIC WORLD, J.A. Bayona was in talks to direct WORLD WAR Z 2.
Source: Variety



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