Dementia, starring Gene Jones and Kristina Klebe, gets December 4th release

We've been following director Mike Testin's DEMENTIA ever since it started filming in March of 2014. Back in June, we got the good news that IFC Midnight had picked up the North American distribution rights to the film, and now there's even better news, as the company has revealed their plans for it: DEMENTIA will be receiving a limited theatrical release on December 4th, and will be hitting VOD that same day.

Written by Meredith Berg, the story centers on

an aging war veteran who suffers a stroke and is diagnosed with dementia. He is forced by his estranged family to hire a live-in nurse, only to find that she harbors a sinister secret.

The impressive cast includes Gene Jones as the war veteran and Kristina Klebe as the nurse, along with Richard Riehle, Marc Senter, Peter Cilella, Graham Skipper, Molly McQueen, Tony Denison, and Hassie Harrison.

This is one I'm really looking forward to, especially when taking into account the type of movies that DEMENTIA gets compared to - MISERY, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE, REPULSION... I'm excited to see just how sinister the situation gets, and just how twisted Klebe's character might be. It doesn't sound like it will be too pleasant for Gene Jones's character.

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