Director John Oak Dalton is taking us to Scarecrow County

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Last year, screenwriter John Oak Dalton made his feature directorial debut with the psychological thriller THE GIRL IN THE CRAWLSPACE, which has secured distribution for later in 2019. But before his first movie makes it way out into the world, Dalton has already wrapped production on his second feature, SCARECROW COUNTY.

Produced by Dalton and prolific indie filmmaker Henrique Couto under their Midwest Film Venture banner, SCARECROW COUNTY tells the story of 

a small-town librarian who is gifted the lost diary of a dead teenager, exposing long-buried secrets as a murderous scarecrow stalks the streets.

The cast includes Chelsi Kern, Rachael Redolfi, Tom Cherry, and Erin R. Ryan.

Dalton told Rue Morgue's Michael Gingold that while THE GIRL IN THE CRAWLSPACE is "a '70s-style slow-burn", his new movie is 

straight-up full-color drive-in, with all the color gels and weird angles, plus ghosts, psychic powers, dream sequences and plenty of people running from pitchforks and machetes."

Rue Morgue got an exclusive first look at some images from SCARECROW COUNTY, a couple of which I have included in this article. To see the others, click HERE.

I got a chance to watch THE GIRL IN THE CRAWLSPACE a few months ago and really enjoyed it, I recommend seeking it out when it gets released. After seeing what he did with CRAWLSPACE I would be looking forward to anything Dalton makes anyway, but I'm really excited to see him switch gears and do a colorful drive-in style killer scarecrow movie.

SCARECROW COUNTY is aiming for a 2020 release.

Scarecrow County John Oak Dalton

Source: Rue Morgue



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