Don Mancini has an idea that would drop Chucky into World War II

Chucky Child's Play 3

Don Mancini, who came up with the original story for CHILD'S PLAY and has written every CHILD'S PLAY / CHUCKY movie since (he also directed SEED OF CHUCKY, CURSE OF CHUCKY, and CULT OF CHUCKY), seems to have enough Chucky ideas in mind to keep that franchise going on forever. Speaking with Portal 13, Mancini said, 

...I have files of different ideas and notions, and scenes, and set pieces, and characters, and situations. It’s a constantly evolving thing. I want to be ready. Cult isn’t, I don’t think, the last we’ll see of Chucky, but again, it’s always important to me and David to find a way to reinvent it and keep it fresh. Obviously, I can’t say too much, but we’re already thinking ahead, definitely. I do spend my nights thinking about, “Gosh, what would happen if Tiffany met Andy Barkley?” The two disparate characters from different, far-flung parts of the franchise, what if they collide? I think about these things. I’m a fan as well. I guess it sounds silly or self-serving to say, “I’m a fan of my own franchise,” but I am. I love it. I’m a fan of other franchises, too, and I think when you’re a fan that’s one of the things you do is you just muse on the characters and “what if in this situation…?”, and “what if they met this character?”

In recent interviews, Mancini has definitely made it clear that he has spent a good amount of time thinking of different situations Chucky could be dropped into. He has an idea in place for a Freddy vs. Chucky crossover, knows how he would handle a "Chucky in space" scenario, and revealed to Portal 13 that he has thought about putting Chucky in a very unexpected surrounding: World War II.

I would love to do a World War II-era Chucky movie; I think would be awesome. You know how in Raiders of the Lost Ark they say, “Hitler’s obsessed with the occult”? That’s the window in. It would be legitimately interesting to see Chucky in that milieu with the iconography and the archetypes of the World War II movie, he could be great."

I can't say I ever considered what it would be like if Chucky had been on the front lines during World War II. It doesn't seem to make much sense to me, but if Chucky were somehow able to time travel back to the 1940s he would be following in the footsteps of fellow tiny terrors - there are several entries in the PUPPET MASTER franchise that are set during World War II. While Chucky is at war, maybe he could put to use some things he learned while at the military school in CHILD'S PLAY 3.

Whatever the story is, wherever it's set, it seems pretty certain that there will be another sequel after CULT OF CHUCKY. If and when there is news about that sequel, we'll share it here on Arrow in the Head.

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