Echo Bridge gives us the absurdity of Ghost Shark & Paranormal Initiation

GHOST SHARK? Oh hell yes!

No lie folks, a pair of new flicks from Echo Bridge Entertainment are swimming our way, and yes, one of them is the mighty GHOST SHARK. We have a simple logline and promo poster for the schlocky curio, not to be confused with the 7-minute short of the same name from 2007. Check that shit out in the margin and below.

GHOST SHARK finds a ghost hunter and a sea captain who must uncover the truth about the town’s dark past or fall victim to the Ghost Shark.

I mean, how can any follow up justify that bad boy? Good heavens.

Also from the company comes PARANORMAL INITIATION, which happens to star Morgan Fairchild and Alessandra Torresani (below). Currently in production, here's what the flick entails:

Three sorority sisters find themselves trapped inside their haunted house and must uncover the secrets and escape before it’s too late.

Pretty vague, I know, but come on, trapped sorority sisters is always a fun avenue to explore. More alarming is the inclusion of Morgan Fairchild. She an actress? I thought she did those obnoxious Old Navy commercials.

More on each flick as word hits.

Until then, be a pal and let us know which of these shamless B-movies you'd rather spend some time with in the talk-backs below!

Extra Tidbit: Will GHOST SHARK be better than SHARK NIGHT?
Source: Echo Bridge



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