Exclusive: First look at two trailers for found footage chiller Classroom 6!

This morning we have a special treat for you as we have not only one, but TWO exclusive trailers for the upcoming found footage chiller CLASSROOM 6, coming at us from director Jonas Odenheimer, who also wrote and edited the flick. The movie stars both veteran actors like Paul Thomas Arnold (PUPPET MASTER X) and upcoming talent like Maurice Mejia (COME MORNING) and was shot by award winning DP Derrick Sims. Check out the trailers for CLASSROOM 6 below.

Classroom 6 is based on true events and tells the story of a young reporter, Annie Monroe (Valentina Kolaric), that goes inside a supposedly haunted school alongside with her crew to find out about a mysterious disappearance that occurred there. As the night goes on, the TV crew will experience strange events and have to fight for their lives.

CLASSROOM 6 also stars Matt Poe, Wesley Rice, Victor Manso Carrasco, Caroline Guivarch and Jean-Louis Darville.

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Extra Tidbit: Did you dig the trailers for CLASSROOM 6?



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