Exclusive: Montage of violence from Matt Farnsworth's The Orphan Killer

Those with a hankering for some violence for breakfast will find themselves satiated this morning as we have a wonderfully grotesque montage of horrific scenes from director Matt Farnsworth's THE ORPHAN KILLER, a controversial little indie that has already been banned in Germany.

The Orphan Killer is a tour de force murder flick that defies classification. It goes far beyond current trends in gore and breaks open a new suffering genre of horror. Marcus Miller is a serial murderer hellbent on teaching his estranged sister Audrey what it means to have family loyalty. His lessons are taught in massive doses of vulgar and unimaginable pain. Throughout her brutal torture we learn that Marcus is not the only Miller with Killer in the bloodline as Audrey proves to be a formidable adversary.

THE ORPHAN KILLER stars Diane Foster, David Backus and Matt Farnsworth himself. You can check the flick out on April 20th on iTunes by clicking HERE. Learn more about THE ORPHAN KILLER at its official Facebook page right HERE, or hit the film up on its official website HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be checking out THE ORPHAN KILLER this weekend?



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