Exclusive! Watch horror short Fish starring Bill Moseley & Lucinda Jenney!

We got a pretty cool EXCLUSIVE for you all today. We’re proud to premiere writer/director Martin Åhlin’s horror short FISH which stars genre icon BILL MOSELEY (DEVILS REJECTS and ROB ZOMBIE's upcoming 3 FROM HELL) and the lovely and talented LUCINDA JENNEY (RAIN MAN and also from the upcoming 3 FROM HELL).

The short is about:

A man discovers a mysterious creature hidden in a boat in a little marina. Meanwhile, somewhere else a different man is on a hunt for blood.

And here are some words from Martin Åhlin’s about the project:

FISH was inspired by the endless and bright summer nights in Northern Sweden where the sun never sets. I had the idea while I was watching over a little marina one night, like one of the characters in the film. It all felt so peaceful, but yet somehow very sinister. I imagined sea monsters sneaking a peek at me from below the surface of the black and still water. It was great."

And there ya have it! Give it a whirl and share your thoughts below! We hope you dig it!



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