First still from Mike Mendez's The Last Heist, starring Henry Rollins

The Last Heist

BIG ASS SPIDER and THE GRAVEDANCERS director Mike Mendez not only has DON’T KILL IT and a segment in the Halloween anthology horror film TALES OF HALLOWEEN on his plate, but he just released the very first look at yet another new film of his entitled THE LAST HEIST. As the title suggests, the film is an indie crime thriller starring some genre favorites like Henry Rollins (HE NEVER DIED), Kristina Klebe (pictured below; Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN), and Nicholas Principe (LAID TO REST).

Here’s what Mendez had to say via Facebook:

“I always give the advice to young filmmakers that you should always be making movies, at any cost,” writes Mendez. “So I’m taking my own advice and have started production on a super cool, very indie crime thriller. It’s 3 weeks of playing cops & robbers with my friends in downtown L.A. Expect a lot of people to shot in the face.”

THE LAST HEIST also stars Torrance Coombs, Victoria Pratt, Camilla Jackson, Mark Kelly, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Ace Marrero, Zo Zosak, Graham Denman, Lombardo Boyar and Michael Aaron Milligan.

Kristina Klebe

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to THE LAST HEIST?
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