Face-Off: Alice Vs. Selene

Ah, there's nothing like a horror hottie who knows how to kick some ass. And lucky for us, we've got two major babes who like to give us our fill repeatedly! I'm talking, of course, about RESIDENT EVIL's Alice and UNDERWORLD's Selene, played sumptuously by Milla Jovovich and Kate Bekinsale. How amazing would it be to see these two females go at it? Well, feel free to let you imaginations run wild as we breakdown their AITH Face-Off!

Double-fisting with two guns and rockin' some killer kicks and chops, Selene plows through a wide assortment of huge werewolves and violent vampires. Not bad for someone of her cute, petite stature.
Sporting all kinds of weapons of mass destruction, Alice blows away any form of the undead that dares to cross her path. Girlfriend's even programed by Umbrella to be an ultimate killing machine.
Oh, our girl, Selene, loves her guns! Whether it's her signature modified Berettas that fire on full auto or the Heckler & Koch USP Match, she turns all her adversaries to swiss cheese with ease! Those spring-loaded razor-edged silver throwing stars are super cool as well, and are very effective at halting those pesky Lycans in their tracks. And can't forget Viktor's awesomely sharp sword!
Alice certainly loves her some gunplay too! Shotguns and Uzis help her happily blow out the brains of many a zombie bastard. She also rolled out some slicing and dicing with a pair of kukri knives.
Oh Selene! That ass! That ass! That ass! Your backside in that tight leather suit just drives a stake through my heart. And then that absolutely gorgeous pale face that looks so appetizing with either brown or blue eyes! I can never get enough. Please, just bite me anywhere you want!
Those legs! Damn Alice has got some great gams! And thankfully, she does a fine job of showing them off whilst taking up Residence with all the Evil. She's got a cute face too with some sultry f*cking eyes!
Creature Victories
This lady has battled buff lycans and super powerful vampires. She even took on crazy hybrids of both species as well as one gigantic freakin' werewolf. Since I'm human, I know for a fact there's no way in hell I could defeat any of these creatures. I do, however, feel confident that I could take out at least a few of Alice's zombies, hence Selene gets the W.

A ridiculously wide range of zombies ranging from regular "human" zombies to Tyrants, Lickers, Hunters, Centurions, and more! There's scientifically engineered zombies and even crazy zombie dogs! Basically, if an undead-inducing virus ever breaks out, you NEED this chick on your team!

Well, Selene IS a vampire, hence you know she's coming equipped with a pretty sweet array of powers that come standard issue. She's got superior strength, speed, and agility. She heals incredibly fast too. Basically, she's got all the powers that Alice has, only on a superhuman level. Plus, if you're lucky enough to get her to bite ya, she has the power to make you become her species.
Our Alice has the unique ability to actually bond with the T-Virus that infects all the humans in the RESIDENT movies, thus giving her enhanced senses, agility, speed, strength, and accelerated healing. Through some groovy experimentation with the Umbrella Corporation, she even developed telekinetic abilities. Not bad for someone who, technically, is still human.

Wow! I didn't expect this to be as big of a bloodbath as it turned out! Sure, I'd choose Ms. Beckinsale over Ms. Jovovich in a second, but I never let "personal taste" try to interfere with the Face-Offs. I did the research and tabulated all the categories on a pretty fair basis. Selene just clearly showcased the upper hand. And you know the AITH Face-Off is never wrong... or is it? Please, kindly spit those mutha-f*ckin' bullets below!
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