Freak Out with this trailer for an Israeli slasher coming in April

Freak Out Boaz Armoni

Having made the festival rounds over the last couple years, director Boaz Armoni's Israeli slasher movie FREAK OUT (a.k.a. MESUVAG HARIG) is now set to reach iTunes, Amazon, and other VOD platforms on April 11th.

A trailer can be seen below, and while it does a good job presenting us with the set-up, it gets kind of awkward when the horror enters the picture. I'm not going to hold that against the movie, though. It's just the way the trailer is edited.

Written by Lior Lederman, FREAK OUT has the following synopsis: 

Matan, a soldier in the IDF, sets off for a week of patrolling in a remote base in the north of the country with his unit. Overwhelmed with homesickness, he becomes an easy target for the other soldiers who try their best to make his life miserable.

However, it is not long before strange and frightening things begin to happen to all of the soldiers and they start to question whether they will come out of this experience alive.

Itay Zvolon, Kye Korabelnikov, Assaf Ben-Shimon, Eran Peretz, and Ofer Ruthenberg star.

I wish the trailer had told me more about the slasher element of this slasher movie, but I'm up for watching the film to find out more about that. I'm craving a good slasher, and the set-up for this one does look good.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching FREAK OUT?



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