Freestyle will introduce Mitchell Lichtenstein's Angelica in November

Angelica Jena Malone Mitchell Lichtenstein

I've loved writer/director Mitchell Lichtenstein's "vagina dentata" horror comedy TEETH ever since I first saw it back in 2008, and for almost ten years I've been waiting for him to work within the genre again. Now the wait for a new Lichtenstein horror movie is almost over, as Freestyle Digital Media have announced that they have picked up the U.S. rights to Lichtenstein's ANGELICA and will be giving it a VOD and theatrical release on November 17th.

Based on the novel by Arthur Phillips, ANGELICA appears to be more of a straightforward horror tale than TEETH was. Starring Jena Malone, Janet McTeer, and Ed Stoppard, the film centers on 

Constance, an innocent shopgirl whose dream marriage to a medical researcher turns into a nightmare after puritanical doctors order the couple to a regime of abstinence. Things go sinister as an apparently supernatural force begins to threaten Constance and her daughter Angelica.

To help promote the upcoming release, Freestyle has shared a clip from ANGELICA online. Embedded below, this clip shows Malone's character finding something strange in her house.

Welcome back to horror, Mitchell Lichtenstein. I'll be watching ANGELICA in November for sure. 

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching ANGELICA?
Source: Deadline



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