Friends confront a supernatural presence in Wretch, coming to VOD this month

Wretch Brian Cunningham

As a longtime listener to the B-Movie Cast, I intend to watch every movie that show's co-host Nic Brown is involved with. Recently he has produced two feature films - the action movie LOSS PREVENTION, which counts Al Snow and Vernon Wells among its cast members, and the upcoming psychological horror thriller WRETCH, which is set to be released on Digital and VOD on January 29th via ThoughtFly Films.

Described as "THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT on acid" WRETCH stars Spencer Korcz, Megan Massie, and Riker Hill in the story of 

three friends struggling to piece together fractured memories after a drug-fueled night in the woods. In the process, they’re forced to confront guilt, jealousy, and a supernatural presence that threatens to expose their true natures.

The film was written and directed by LOSS PREVENTION's Brian Cunningham, who had this to say about the project: 

I’m a horror fanatic. Specifically the psychological variety that gets under your skin and makes you question what you’re watching. It was great to dive straight into the darker recesses of the genre and try to make something that really gets inside your head."

WRETCH is said to combine conventions of the slasher, found footage, and monster movie sub-genres of horror in its own enigmatic, unpredictable story. Cunningham says, 

We wanted a movie that feels familiar but really pulls the rug out from under the audience and puts some weighty ideas in front of them. The movie is about voyeurism, surveillance, and shifting perspectives. In a lot of ways, it’s an anti-found-footage movie that becomes something very different by the end."

WRETCH is now available for pre-order on iTunes, and I'm going to be checking it out for sure. Give the trailer a look below and see if WRETCH is something you'd like to check out in a few weeks.



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