Get over here! And check out the Mortal Kombat Legacy season 2 trailer

Did you get to check out the first season of MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY, the badass web series adapted from the fictional universe of the Mortal Kombat video game franchise? If not, you truly missed out on some truly imaginative action sequences and clever writing that brought the MK series to a whole new audience. Today we have the trailer for MK: LEGACY's upcoming second season and from the looks of things it should deliver even more excitement than the first season!

Kevin Tancharoen returns to co-write and direct a cast that includes Harry Shum, Jr. (Glee) as Kuai Liang, Casper Van Dien (STARSHIP TROOPERS) as Johnny Cage, Brian Tee (THE WOLVERINE) as Liu Kang, Mark Dacascos (Hawaii Five-0) as Kung Lao, Samantha Tjhia (MAN OF STEEL) as Kitana, Michelle Lee (PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN: AT WORLD'S END) as Mileena, Ian Anthony Dale (Hawaii Five-O) as Scorpion and, reprising his role from the 1995 MORTAL KOMBAT film, Cary Tagawa (Revenge) as Shang Tsung. Check out the trailer below:

No word yet on when MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY Season Two will hit the web, but we'll keep ya up to date on news as it rolls in.

The cast of MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY Season Two

Extra Tidbit: Did you dig the first season of MK: LEGACY? Are you ready for Round 2?



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