Ghost Game On

We were contacted by director Joe Knee today regarding his new horror flick that's hitting DVD shelves May 30th, and based on the DVD art and sweet tag line, I think we may have a hit on our hands.

The story of seven young friends that discover much more than they bargained for when they stumble upon a mysterious game in the cellar on a weekend getaway at a desolate lakeside cabin in the mountains. Once the ancient box is opened, they unknowingly unleash the vengeful spirits of three murdered witches who, relentless in their quest for resurrection, stalk and torment the campers. After two brutal slayings, the survivors must discover the game’s hidden secrets before the bloodthirsty fiends feed on them. If they fail, the friends will have to fight for their lives in a game of win, lose, or die!

It's almost like JUMANJI or ZATHURA, with a dash of EVIL DEAD and a sprinkle of BLAIR WITCH 2. Count me in! Plus, dig the tag line: Win. Lose. Or Die. Nice! I'm into it. Doesn't really sound like SCREAM or THE SHINING as it boasts below, but I'm hip to it so far...

And check out the back cover- I'm seein' some chicks in bikinis people! That's never a bad thing... GAME stars Alexandra Barreto, Robert Berson and Curt Cornelius, and will be smashing the DVD market May 30th. Look for it!



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