Greg Nicotero is developing anthology series Shock Theatre for AMC

Greg Nicotero The Walking Dead

One of my favorite people working in the horror genre is Greg Nicotero, the Romero/Savini protégé who was until recently best known for being the N of the special effects team KNB. In recent years, Nicotero has earned an executive producer role on AMC's The Walking Dead and has directed some of the show's coolest episodes.

Nicotero's horror pedigree makes the fact that he is now heading up an anthology series that's in the works at AMC one of the most exciting pieces of news I've heard in a while.

Nicotero will be executive producing the series with Matt Lambert, Gail Berman, and Joe Earley. The title of the show is Shock Theatre, a reference to a package of 52 pre-1948 horror films Universal Studios released for television syndication in 1957. 

It seems quite fitting that the title would be a nod to an event in horror history, because it sounds like Shock Theatre will have an old school style to it. It's described as 

an anthology wherein each episode will be a brand-new sci-fi horror tale in the style of the B movie classics.

It wouldn't be possible for me to be more on board for a TV project than I already am for this show.

Shock Theatre is only in its early days, being developed as part of AMC's "scripts-to-series" initiative, but hopefully it will be assembled quickly because I need to see this become a reality.

Extra Tidbit: How does Shock Theatre sound to you?
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