Halloween-set found footage thriller Loss of Life picked up by Mance Media

The last time we wrote about the found footage thriller LOSS OF LIFE was in February of this year. But we've just now heard that the movie, which takes place on Halloween night, will be released on VOD, Digital and DVD on October 25th! You guessed it, right in time for the big H!

LOSS OF LIFE is a found footage horror film that tells the story of a group of high school friends on their way to a party on Halloween night 2012. Terrifying and twisted events are captured on film as the group documents their attempt to survive the night and a killer that relentlessly stalks them at every turn.

LOSS OF LIFE, written by Michael Matteo Rossi and directed by David Damiata and Michael Matteo Rossi, stars Reggie Range, Niko "Ace Primo" Warren, Randi Borden, Melvin Gregg, Elijah Vegas, Trevon Morales, Chris Petrovski, Charlie Glackin, and Chris Tyler Link.

Mance Media will be releasing LOSS OF LIFE for sale in the US across all major digital services, including XBOX 360, PS3, Amazon Instant, Vimeo VOD, ROKU, and TiVo, and on demand services, including AT&T U-Verse, Verison Fios, Charter Cable, and CableVision.

LOSS OF LIFE trailer



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