Haunted house flick The Addicted picks a winner for it's poster contest

Have you guys ever heard of a haunted house flick coming our way called THE ADDICTED? No? Me either. That's why I've decided to take some time today to tell you all about it!

Now truth be told we don't have a whole lot of info on this one but what we do know is that it's coming from writer/director Sean J. Vincent and reads a little something like this:

The haunted-house tale it promotes revolves around recovering addicting David, a resident at The Manor rehabilitation unit in 1987 who comes under the twisted ‘care’ of clinical director Chris Hunter. Instead of nursing David to health, Hunter keeps him hooked, before poisoning him with toxic heroin and leaving him with horrifically scarred. Medical bastard. While the evil director is carrying on with his wife, David kills himself.

Picking up 25 years later, Hunter's daughter Nicole, an aspiring TV journo, makes the not entirely sensible decision to spend the night at the now-derelict clinic, filming the place with her boyfriend. Without giving too much away things get scary and horrible fast.

Apparently the guys over at Empire recently ran a competition where their readers were asked to design a one-sheet for THE ADDICTED. The winning design, chosen by Vincent, would be used for the film's official poster, DVD art, etc. Not too shabby, eh? Well news today has Vincent choosing the winner and personally I'm not digging it. But maybe that's just me. Scroll on down below for a look at the winner and judge for yourself!

Now I actually prefer the poster you see above... But again, just me. To get a look at some of the other entries, as well as some video diaries regarding THE ADDICTED, be sure to hit up Sean J. Vincent's blog right over HERE. As soon as any other details on THE ADDICTED spill our way you can bet we'll pass that shite right along to all of you.

Extra Tidbit: Sean J. Vincent's only credit is the 2010 drama SHOOT THE DJ.
Source: Empire



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