Helen Hunt to star in horror film I See You

Helen Hunt

Helen Hunt has managed to build a 40+ year acting career with a shockingly low number of genre credits to her name, but back in the mid-'80s she co-starred in one of my all-time favorite Charles Band productions, the sci-fi adventure TRANCERS, about a man named Jack Deth who travels through time hunting the zombie-like villains of the title. Hunt returned for a couple sequels, showing so much loyalty to Band and the series that she even appeared in TRANCERS III at the same time she was hitting it big with the sitcom Mad About You.

Unless I missed something along the way, Hunt has been entirely absent from genre projects over the last 25 years, but this lack of horror in her career is about to change. She has signed on to star in a horror project called I SEE YOU, which is set to film in Cleveland, Ohio late this summer.

To be directed by Adam Randall from a screenplay by Devon Graye, I SEE YOU will tell the following story: 

Infidelity has put great strain on the Harper household as Greg, the lead investigator in a child abduction case which has brought into the spotlight a similar case from years past, struggles to find a way to forgive his well-heeled wife, Jackie.  As Jackie’s guilt slowly gnaws away at her grip on reality, a malicious presence begins manifesting itself in their home, putting their young son Connor in mortal danger.  An unexpected change in perspective reveals a ghost from the past, and the cold hard truth about the real evil in the Harper household is finally uncovered.

Hunt will be playing Jackie.

I SEE YOU is being produced by Matt Waldeck of Zodiac Features; Hilary Davis, Stephen Kelliher, and Patrick Howson of Bankside Films; and Phil Hunt and Compton Ross of Head Gear Films. Zodiac's Ben Hecht serves as executive producer.

Bankside's Kelliher says that I SEE YOU "will satisfy audiences in the way that DON'T BREATHE and GET OUT have done".

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Helen Hunt movie?



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