Holla II trailer gives us a serial killer and a haunted house

There was a movie called HOLLA once, evidently, and now there's a HOLLA II; the latter has just debuted a trailer, which you can view below. Starring a predominantly African-American cast, the film is being billed as "the first black horror flick in theaters in 13 years!" as well as a "scary, sexy, funny, campy black slasher flick." I didn't really get the comedy bit until the very last moment of the trailer, which certainly provides a chuckle. Other than that, it looks like your standard serial killer/haunted slave plantation story.

The plot:

After narrowly escaping with her life at the hands of her mentally ill sister Veronica, Monica, with the help of her Mother, Marion, has taken great measures to ensure her safety, including changing her face and relocating to the South. Six years has past and now she finally believes she is safe from Veronica. Little does she know that death and betrayal still await her and her friends on the eve of her wedding at a southern plantation house rumored to be haunted by 13 murdered slaves. This time no one is safe and everyone is a suspect as killing becomes addictive.

HOLLA II opens on April 19th (apparently) and stars Kiely Williams, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Trea Ireland, Greg Cipes and Liana Mendoza.

Liana Mendoza

Extra Tidbit: So... have you seen the first HOLLA?
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