Hottie Katrina Bowden talks Piranha 3DD & Nurse 3D in the latest Maxim

It's official folks, Katrina Bowden is quickly becoming one of my favorite genre hotties. Just look at this goddess... How can your mouth not water, right? After breaking into the genre with the horror/comedy TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL, Bowden next has two highly anticipated genre efforts on the way. I'm of course talking about PIRANHA 3DD and NURSE 3D. With that I'd say Ms. Bowden can cement herself a bona fide 'genre hottie.'

Anyway, I'm rambling. The new horror goddess is set to grace the cover of Maxim Magazine this month and with her cover girl accolade comes an interview Maxim did with the hottie. As expected, topics include Bowden's upcoming projects PIRANHA 3DD and NURSE 3D. Peep a little of what the actress had to say concerning the latter:

"It's definitely different from what I've done. It's kind of like "Dexter" meets Single White Female. Paz de la Huerta and I are both nurses. But she's a serial killer, and she kind of becomes obsessed with me."

For the whole thing you'll have to tap the next issue of Maxim but I did go ahead and toss up her photos from the shoot below. Have at it and enjoy!

Extra Tidbit: I'm going to say it... Katrina Bowden has got the nicest ass I've ever seen!
Source: Maxim



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