INT: David Twohy

After having had the pleasure of meeting writer-director David Twohy last weekend, I can honestly say that he is one of the coolest, most sincere and imaginative people in Hollywood! His impressive writing credits include action flicks such as THE FUGITIVE, GI JANE and the underrated THE ARRIVAL. However, he’s most memorable for writing and directing the sci-fi cult classics PITCH BLACK and CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK. Returning to the big screen, Twohy reclaims the director’s chair by penning his upcoming suspense thriller, A PERFECT GETAWAY.

Set on the beautiful island of Hawaii, the film is based on an adventurous honeymooning couple trapped on remote parts of the island with other young couples. However, fear and paranoia sets in after they hear the horrifying news of another newlywed couple murdered on the island. I must admit that the well chosen cast and unexpected plot twists kept me at the edge of my seat throughout the film! (read Chris Bumbray's review HERE) I was delighted to have an opportunity to chat with the talented and down-to-earth writer-director about his film, inspirations and upcoming projects.  Check out what Twohy had to say.

Source: AITH

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