INT: Lorna Raver

Lorna Raver is a lovely lady. She is classy and has a real sense of a trained actress about her. So really, the fact that she is going to creep out millions of moviegoers with her performance in DRAG ME TO HELL is not surprising. After all, a strong actor can certainly scare the crap out of you and she certainly does that with her performance in Sam Raimi's latest.

When we sat down together, I found her to be very kind and absolutely nothing like the menacing Mrs. Ganush. But come Halloween, don't be surprised to find this character on every street corner begging for candy, as a new iconic horror character is born. And all thanks to a terrific performance from this charming and talented actress. Check her out as DRAG ME TO HELL opens this weekend at a theatre near you.

Source: AITH

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