INT: Nicole Rayburn

The Arrow interviews Nicole Rayburn

The lovely Nicole Rayburn is a Scream Queen on the rise wheter she like sit or not. She's drop dead gorgeous, has potent acting chops to back them looks up and has thus far been in 3 horror films. I'm talking Scarecrow, Boo and Alien Abduction with another one on the way on top of that. I got a chance to ping-pong with the classy dame and here's what she smacked back my way.

What’s your favorite horror movie?

I’m not a big horror movie buff believe it or not, so I’d probably have to go with something more recent that I know of like The Ring or even The Grudge.  I’ll probably get shit for that but everyone’s got an opinion don’t they?  I just like stuff with kids that are creepy and I like stuff that the villain is like this one dead for years wants revenge character.  That’s my type of scary movie.

How did you get into acting? Was it by fluke or was it a long time goal?

Neither. I didn’t always know it’s what I wanted to do. Somewhere around high school I thought it would be the perfect career choice but still didn’t seriously consider it an option. At the time, I lived in this little town in Central Florida. The closest thing to acting was Disney and that wasn’t what I was talking about. I moved to Miami and someone eventually convinced me to get a modeling agent and I started doing some print work, commercials and music videos. Once I started to see how it all worked I knew I really could do it. I have what it takes and it takes tenacity!  Really you just have to have perseverance. Talent helps but anyway, I knew I would have to make a big move if I ever wanted to see myself on the big screen. It was N.Y. or L.A. and the Gods had their say, so here I am.

Would you consider yourself a “method actress”? What’s your process when tackling a role?

Yeah, whatever method works. No, really, I have studied for about 4 years with the Beverly Hills Playhouse. I have learned priceless tools there how to get more out of the material I’m looking at but when it comes to my own approach, I just start with what comes natural. I guess I’m one of those very instinctual actors. I just use my instincts and emotions first and then if I can’t seem to get into the place I need to be then I’ll rely on some techniques learned.  Of course, nothing is ruled out.  I use it all to get the best performance possible for me.   

You will be seen in the genre opus BOO when it locks distribution. How would you describe your experience on that show?

LIKE NO OTHER!  It was probably the hardest role I’ve had to play even though other roles have had more scenes or dialogue or harder moments to play.  In this movie, the pace of shooting was faster than anything I’ve worked on because we had a deadline but we also had so many special effects that take time to do so we didn’t have the luxury of spending so much time with the camera on acting.  It was like, O.K., let’s set up special effects and block out any stunts for safety and then hurry up and get the shot.  Not to mention the freezing building we were shooting in and the wet goo all over us.  It was probably the most uncomfortable film I’ve shot to date, but I’ve never had so much fun in all my life.  I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  I made some solid friendships and best memories. 

You also have a part in the recently released Alien Abduction, what can you tell us about your role in the picture?

I play a mental patient in this sort of asylum.  All I can say is that I know what I wanted to achieve with the role and I saw the end product. I don’t think I quite hit it but we are our own worst critic. I think the film itself hit the mark. It’s bizarre but I think it’s one of those films that people will rent and go “Why don’t more people know about this?”

Being a mucho attractive woman. Do you find it hard to break the type-casting barrier to lock “meatier” roles?

A role is what you make it. I understand what you’re saying about a meaty role because I have the frustration of finding a really poignant role for a woman but so far as being type cast, no I don’t seem to have a problem with that. I think we have more control over the parts we get than a lot of actors like to admit.  If they admit that then they would have to take responsibility for not getting the roles they want.  If they say they are type cast then they can blame what they get on others. I’m learning all the time how to seek out what I want and go get it rather than just sit and wait for what comes to me. Scarlett Johansson doesn’t seem to have any problems with casting, why should I?

With Scarecrow, Boo and Alien Abduction under your belt. Are you scared of being labeled a Scream Queen or is it a tag that you embrace with open arms?

Well, like I said earlier, I’m not worried about getting pigeon holed as anything because I don’t believe anything is going to hurt my career, but my preference of types of movies I have to admit is not horror.  Sorry guys, but I really look forward to more redeeming roles such as a western with a moral message and comedies. I’m actually a very comedic actress so I’ve come to find out.  Who knew?

What’s next for you in terms of acting gigs? When will we see you next?

Believe it or not, you’ll see me in another horror flick. That I chose, no less. I think it’s going to be my best character yet. It’s tongue in cheek horror and my character IS the comic relief in the film.  The working title is “Candy Stripers” but I don’t know what they will end up with. 

What does Nicole Rayburn do when she’s not working and wants to chill out!

I love to ride the motorcycle down to Malibu or Santa Monica beach.  I love motorcycles and I love the beach, I like to make necklaces.  It’s just a hobby and I love to write.  I like taking naps in the middle of the day to but that kind of makes me feel lazy although it’s soooo great to do. 

You went from blonde to brunette when cast for Boo. So who has more fun? Blondes or brunettes?

I also just went from brunette back to blonde for this film I just did and let me just say that blondes get noticed more.  I forgot about all the catcalls while I was a brunette.  I think I have just as much fun either way cause I’m gonna do what ever I’m gonna do whether I’m blonde brown purple pink or red.  But, yeah, blondes definitely get more attention.

What was the first drink you consumed at the Boo “wrap-party”?

I think a Dr. Pepper.  I’m not a big drinker.  Sorry, boring I know.  I don’t even think I drank at the wrap party for Boo, but I did win a $100. in a raffle and I bowled like a 160 or something great like that and I ate a bunch of food and laughed a lot because everyone was just so much fun. 


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