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 Oxide Pang Chun

I'm sure you guys have heard of the dynamic directing duo that is The Pang Brothers. If not, well they're the gentlemen behind the potent ghost affairs, The Eye and The Eye 2. Now and then brothers Oxide Pang and Danny Pang like to split up and go direct solo. That went down recently with  Oxide going his own way to helm Ab-Normal Beauty (Now available on DVD via Tartan Films). Oxide took some time to drop some minute bombs (Not the talkie type...is he?) at the site and here's what flittered out.

What was the initial creative spark that made you put fingers to keyboard and pen Ab - Normal Beauty?

I got the idea for 'Ab-Normal Beauty' from a photography called 'The Portrait of the Dead'.  Pictures really have the quality to attract people's attention, there is a beauty in those pictures, it 's so spooky but you have to see it.

Did you have something to say via this film, a social commentary if you will, or was your goal mainly and solely to thrill the viewer?

People believe there is nothing to share between the terms death and beauty. But death from another angle could be something beautiful in its own way.

What would you say was the hardest scene to shoot on a technical standpoint?

When Race (Race Wong who plays Jiney)  was standing outside a fence on a 10th floor rooftop with wires on her.

Your film goes in tandem with your brother’s “Leave Me Alone" since both storylines were sprung off the same incident (car crash). What was the reasoning behind tying both films together?

It's the start of the film, using the car accident to spark the storyline.

Ab Normal Beauty deals with one’s unhealthy obsession with death. How do you personally deal with the notion that you too will die one day?

I believe in an afterlife and in ghosts.

What would you say are the main differences between directing alone and directing with your brother?

When we both find a story interesting and we can both input a lot of ideas together into the movie, we know that's the movie we should work on together. And usually at the beginning of developing the film, if one of us doesn’t find the topic that interesting, that person will atomically withdraw from the process, no conflicts really.

It has just been announced that you and your brother will be tackling THE DARKNESS next for Platinum Studios and Blue Star Pictures. Where is the film at right now and when are you slated to shoot?

No comment at this time.

Is there anything you want to tell us as to your goals with The Darkness?

I hope American audiences like my film and want to see more films that I’ve made. And I’m a Star War fan if you want to buy me gifts. : )

If you buy me some First Blood/Rambo 2/Rambo 3 figurines; I'll buy you some Star Wars stuff...deal? : )


Thanks to Oxide for giving the site a shot, keep up the good work hombre! I'll be checking out Ab-Normal Beauty soon.


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