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I said this about actor/action star and screenwriter PAUL SLOAN (Scorpion King, Machine, Stiletto) in my review for CHOKER (aka DISTURBANCE): Paul Sloan (Hud) was magnetic and convincing in his somewhat dual roles. He had me glued to the screen as the killer sharing his thoughts while riveting me as the ass kicking hunter. I expect big things for this guy! And I of course meant every f*cking word of it. The SLOAN MAN recently caught up with us at AITH to talk about his work-out routine, future acting roles and of course his two upcoming genre films (which he wrote): KING OF THE VAMPIRES and TRIBES OF OCTOBER. Get your healthy dose of Sloan below!


Who are your favorite action actors?

Diesel. Statham. Daniel Craig as Bond, suave and pissed off, he's awesome. But if I catch T2 or PREDATOR on cable at 1 am, I'm watching till the end. It's Arnold.

What was the definite moment in your life that said: I wanna be in movies for a living?

On the set of THE SCORPION KING, camels and barbarians everywhere, arrows flying. I had tiny role, but prop guy comes up to me says "here's your sword." Nice!

Did you study acting at all or did you just jump in the industry with no parachute and learned the craft as you went along?

Jumped in, pushed in, I was very lucky, got a job before anyone really asked, so I just had to learn as I went along.

I first took notice of you the 2005 action/sci-fi/actionner CHOKER aka DISTURBANCE. Would you say that was the role that put you on the map?

Definitely. That was a crazy little Corman-type thing, it screened in LA at The Silverlake Film Fest and I ended up getting great reviews for it. You never know, man.


In your opinion, what is the biggest obstacle in terms of an actor becoming an action actor?

It's stuff outta your control really, you can be best martial artist, or buffest dude on screen, but I think the fans pick who they wanna see up there as an ass-kicker.

You’re obviously a very fit dude; can you give us a glimpse of what the Paul Sloan work out/diet consists of?Let me guess, lots of grilled, skinless chicken… : )

I used to think training was doing curls in the mirror listening to the Conan soundtrack. But it's diet, man. Learned to love chicken and broccoli. And I mix up the weights with some hiking.

Do you have any martial arts experience? If so what style did you train in?

The martial arts came along with the movies. Picked up some Muay Thai, and Judo. Kali knife-fighting is a blast, and looks mean on film. For the indie movie "SHOOT THE HERO!" I worked with Mike Morales and some hardcore MMA animals from Palm Desert.

You’ve worked with some big names like Michael Madsen, Nick Turtorro, Michael Rappaport, Michael Biehn, Tom Berenger etc. Is there anybody you’ve learned something solid from in terms of acting?

Yeah, all of them pretty much say the same, be yourself. Do your job, don't be a pain in the ass, and try to have fun. Don't get caught up in the B.S. We're making a friggin movie, let's enjoy it.

In time you graduated to screenwriting having penned STILETTO and the upcoming KING OF THE VAMPIRES and TRIBES OF OCTOBER. What prompted you to tackle that aspect of the biz?

Frustration, wanted better roles in types of movies I like. And when you come in with a script, and work with the director, they look at you as more than just a gorilla, you are part of the creative team.

Do you have a particular process/routine when it comes to writing scripts?

More like a cram session. I just lock in, try to stay off the internet, and rip through that first draft. And crank the Conan soundtrack.

Where are KING OF THE VAMPIRES and TRIBES OF OCTOBER of in terms of production?

KING OF VAMPIRES is early pre-production, Masters FX are banging away at the creature designs right now. The "King Vamp" is like Tarzan meets Nosferatu, crazy lookin!

Your next flick as an actor or/and write will be?

"KOV" early next year, or, talking to Steven C. Miller about working with him on his sequel to AUTOMATON TRANSFUSION. He's a maniac, that is gonna be a splatterfest.

Is there an actor you would KILL to work with?

Clint Eastwood.

Shooting guns or banging broads – if you had to pick just one to do everyday which one would it be?

Banging broads. It's quieter.

Thanks for dropping by the site Paul! Keep kicking that ass!

Thank you man, and all AITH boys for all the support!

The man, the myth, The Sloan!

Source: AITH

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