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The Arrow interviews Richard Raaphorst

The World Championship Soccer Games, a war between Holland and Germany, what looks like Nazi undeads and exec produced by Brian Yuzna. Sounds interesting to you? It sure does to me! The name of the movie is "Worst Case Scenario" and after viewing the promo (click here to see it yourself) Richard Raaphorst to get the lowdown on it. Here's what the man had to say!

ARROW: What’s your favorite horror movie?

RICHARD: Mary Poppins.

ARROW: Your first film was a short called "Zombi 1". What can you tell us about the film?

RICHARD: It was a short (15 min) supper-16 black and white zombie flick made to finalize my graduation on the art-academy of Rotterdam. They where not amused.

ARROW: What kind of distribution did it get?

RICHARD: Canal + France/ Chanal + Poland, and it has its screenings on a lot of festivals all over the world from the Netherlands to Korea.

ARROW: I saw your promo reel for “Worst Case Scenario” and I gotta tell you...it looked fantastic! How much did it cost you to make that reel?

RICHARD: Incredible, but true. Everyone we asked was glad to work for free, so we ended up only paying for the special make-up material, some location cost and catering. For a large professional crew and lots of extra’s, 100 in all, the cost still amounted to about $ 7,000. But that was covered by a sponsor.

ARROW: How did the shoot for the promo go? Would you call it smooth sailing? What was the fiercest obstacle you had to overcome to bring it all home?

RICHARD: We only had money for a two make-up pieces. So for the rest of the zombies we had to rely on no-budget costumes and some DIY mask-making. Still it turned out okay on-screen. During the shoot we had really nasty weather that looks beautiful on film, but caused two near-disasters: one of the extra’s, lying on the cold sand, arms and legs bound, had to be rushed off by the lifeguards with hypothermia and an easy-up tent (used to keep the equipment dry between set-ups) was picked up by the wind and for a few hundred yards cart wheeled down the beach where the crew were working. That thing could have killed people.

ARROW: What was it about Bart Oosterhoorn’s screenplay that made you say I want to do this picture?

RICHARD: Our perception on things are very much the same. Besides, he is very original in storytelling and has an extremely sick mind.

ARROW: What’s the expected budget of the production?

RICHARD: € 8M = US$ 9.5M.

ARROW: What are you going to shoot it on?

RICHARD: Our DOP prefers 35mm, but we are still considering Hi-def.

ARROW: You’re in pre-production right now, expecting to shoot this summer. Are you planning on having a “name cast” attached or are you going with “no names”?

RICHARD: In order to sell in internationally we want ONE big name (he knows who we mean). But for the rest, unfamiliar faces will help to make a weird story more convincing. It doesn’t help a movie when you wonder “why the hell would J-Lo want to wrestle a giant anaconda?"

ARROW: How gory can we expect the film to be?

RICHARD: Extremely.

ARROW: What’s the expected ratio in terms of what will be CGI and what will be practical effects in the movie?

RICHARD: We want to keep CGI to an absolute minimum, but we do have some scenes that just can’t be done without.

ARROW: What effect or scene in the film do you think will blow all of our fanboy minds to horror heaven once we see it?

RICHARD: Our zombies are not just walking dead: they are the product of sixty years of experiments. So they have lots of individual character. What will be something to see is WHY they were made, their final purpose. That’s going to be HUGE.

ARROW: There’s a "Brian Yuzna Presents" tagged to the film’s credits. What is the extent of his involvement with the project?

RICHARD: We know Brian well and showed him a first edit with his name on it. It almost gave him a heart-attack, but he said he was proud to have his name on “something of such high quality”. He helps us with some contacts but apart from that, he won't be involved: he works for Filmax exclusively.

ARROW: Do you already have other films in mind that you intend on tackling once “Worst Case Scenario” is done and over with? If so, which ones?

RICHARD: Bart intends WCS as the first in a series of four films called “Famous Monsters in Europe”. This is the Frankenstein-film. The others are about a vampire circus, a werewolf in a city park and a bog woman.

ARROW: Beer, Jack Daniels or apple juice. Which one do you feel like drinking right now?

RICHARD: Sounds like a great cocktail.

I'd like to thank Richard for his time and wish him the best in his upcoming war i.e. shooting a picture. Take down the Fort bro!

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