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The Arrow interviews Tara Reid

If you know the site well, then you're aware that I have a soft spot for Tara Reid (I even proposed to her here). In my book, she's one of the hottest chicks out there! Those blue eyes, that glowing smile, that killer body, that flat stomach (look up, you see that stuff? Sweet!)...where do I sign up? So she likes to party! What's wrong with that? I'm all for it! I recently got the chance to yap on the phone with Miss Reid in light of her lead role in the upcoming fear flick ALONE IN THE DARK and here's what the cutie had to say.

Hey John!

Hey Tara how you doing?

I’m very good, just wandering out like crazy in New York; I got five minutes before the next thing starts.

Lets rock and roll…so Alone in the Dark! How do you feel? Are you excited that it’s finally coming out?

Absolutely! It was a blast to do, I love Christian (Slater) and I think it’s a good movie too!

Well I saw the film a couple days ago and was bummed to not see you kick more ass. I wanted to see Tara Reid kick monster butt!

That really wasn’t my characters’ job. It would’ve been cool to kick more ass but her job was being an Anthropologist, not a “kick-asser!”

Was it a conscious choice for you to take a part of this type? I mean it is different than the comedies that you often do or the type you usually play.

Yes it was. It’s like saying: do you only like Italian food; you want to try a different all sorts of food. I like to try lots of different things, dramas, comedies, tragedies…its fun to venture out and do diverse things.

Are you at all concerned about the online genre fans’ reaction to Alone in the Dark, taking account that Uwe Boll is often looked down upon by them?

No I support Uwe, I think he’s awesome and every body deserves a second chances. He’s a smart man and a good director.

Did you find it at all challenging having to react to CG creatures that weren’t there during the shoot?

No you just have to have a very good imagination; it’s set up and you just kind of put the creature there.

Lets side step to another project you bagged a while back: The Crow Wicked Prayer. I’m really looking forward to that one…

Again, it’s a film I really enjoyed making, it has a good story, its well written, its very well acted and I like it a lot.

Do you have any insight as to when it will be released?

I just did the looping on it and they’re putting the music to it now. I think Miramax and Dimension were having legal problems, they just ended it and I think the film will come out very soon, in the next couple of months or so.

When are we going to see you next?

Apart from Wicked Prayer, I have another one coming out called Silent Partner and then I’m working on a TV show in February.

Wow you keeping busy! Any chance that Tara Reid will one day write a screenplay or direct a film?

Maybe one day, not yet, but never say never you know?

Yup I know, well thanks for your time Tara and have a great night!

Thank you John!

I'd like to thank Tara for the short yet sweet chit-chat. Good luck with your future projects babe and keep partying hard...nothing wrong with that! I'll drink you under the table any day!


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